CBC Radio Active Best Dish Featuring Careit Brisket

"A beautiful brisket... just beef, spices and smoke."

Thank you to Rod Kurtz and Phil Wilson for featuring our beloved brisket on CBC Edmonton's Radio Active Best Dish. Phil, aka Bacon Hound, has been a fan of our turkey sandwiches for a while now and recently discovered the BBQ offerings at our Careit Hamptons location. Rod asked what what he thinks the star of the show is, Phil replied "without a doubt, for me, its the smoked brisket." 

Phil and Cam Jordan, Careit Co-Owner and Chef, spoke at great length about our process. "What I love about this particular smoked brisket is that it doesn't follow any specific regional BBQ style," explains Phil. He delves into our preparation showing that Careit's brisket "mimics pastrami in that they are both dry rubbed with black pepper and coriander, but a traditional pastrami gets a wet brine in a corn beef spice mix for a week before." Phil also points out that although our brisket "has similarities to a traditional smoked BBQ brisket, in that it goes into that smoker with just a dry rub on it," we leave our rub on for three to four days to set and let Father time do its thing. "All told," says Phil "its a five to six day process that results in a beautiful brisket tasting of light smoke where the flavours of the beef and the spices are perfectly balanced, there's no gloopy sauces... just beef, spices and smoke."

Listen to Careit's Best Dish full segment at cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-52/clip/15897439 Aired: Feb. 25, 2022


"Who doesn't like eating good BBQ?" says Chef Cam.

You can find our roasted brisket at both our locations: in the butcher case at Crestwood and to-order at the Hamptons. Our Hamptons location features a variety of classics like fried chicken, baked beans, mac and cheese, biscuits, coleslaw, and, of course, brisket.

See the full BBQ menu on Skip the Dishes skipthedishes.com/careit-chicken-and-brisket