It's that time of year where you can go out and enjoy that cool, crisp Alberta air whether it's to run a few errands or go out for a walk in our beautiful river valley. And then look forward to getting home and cozying up with a nice hot drink!

We have some sweet suggestions for you that is now available in our Crestwood shop.


Made in Belgium where some of the best chocolates come from. They've crafted some tasty blends of hot chocolate with whole cocoa powder, Belgian chocolate and are chock-full of delightful additions like mini marshmallows, chocolate figurines or caramel bits.

Baru Cocao Mocha Drinking Chocolate with chocolate coffee beans

Grab their Cocoa Mocha with chocolate coffee beans for an extra pep in your step.

Baru Dark Hot Chocolate Powder

For the cocoa purist, we'll have their Dark Hot Chocolate Powder with 64% dark chocolate.

baru fluffy marshmellow chocolate powder

For a classic with marshmallows there is their Fluffy Marshmallow Chocolate Powder with their puffiest marshmallows!


baru swirly hot chocolate powderbaru swirly hot chocolate powder - 02

Baru's ultimate hot chocolate, Swirly Hot Chocolate Powder, is made with whole cocoa powder and dark Belgian chocolate. The tiny chocolate figurines will bring a smile to your face.



Made in Kent, England and founded in honour of their childhood memories, their 'Hug in a Mug' hot chocolate bombes really are the bomb. 


Hot Chocolate Bombe: The ultimate at home hot chocolate! A hollow globe of Belgian chocolate filled with mini marshmallows. Pour your hot milk or preferred milk alternative over this beautiful ball of goodness.



This is the good stuff. The people at Dona brewed and bottled this concentrate in Brooklyn, NY so you can make it at home. It is perfectly spiced and lightly-sweetened. The spices are ground fresh and slow steeped. Find notes of organic black tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and black peppercorn in every sip. 

Their beverages are made with the best ingredients selected for their naturally sweet qualities so we add less sugar.  Vegan & gluten-free.

Dona Masala Chai Concentrate

Small batch brewed. Vegan and gluten free masala chai concentrate.


Dona turmeric concentrate

Dona's Turmeric Concentrate. A  perfectly spiced and lightly-sweetened golden latte you can make at home. Notes of turmeric, pink peppercorn, ginger, allspice, lemongrass, and black pepper.


Victoria Gourmet

Victoria Taylor's Mulling Spices are a wonderful balance of cinnamon, allspice and cloves rounded with citrus notes from orange and just a hint of licorice from star anise. The aroma of mulling spices brings images of Fall and a hot cup of Mulled Apple Cider.


Tie 1/4 cup of Victoria Gourmet's Mulling Spices in a cheese cloth and throw into a large pot with 2 liters of apple cider, heat up for 20 minutes for a delicious fall treat.

Willie's Cacao

Willie's Cacao Drinking ChocolateWillie's Cacao Hot Chocolate. What gives it its incredible richness and depth of flavour is 100% natural, containing only two ingredients, cacao and raw cane sugar.