Brining Blend

Brining Blend

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Brines work their magic in two ways: 1) over time, the salt actually unwinds the complex proteins in the muscle tissues of the meat, making it tender; and 2) the salt solution, infused with flavor from the addition of whole herbs, spices and aromatics, penetrates the cells of the meat, plumping them with moisture and flavour. As a result, brined meat weighs more at the end of the brining process than at the start. Victoria Taylor's formulas use a clean-tasting sea salt from California, combined with Demerara sugar, and whole herbs and spices infused with aromatics such as rosemary and citrus oil. The result of brining with these blends is amazing - moist and tender meat with layers of added flavour. 

A jar of Victoria Groumet's Traditional Brining Blend will season a turkey that is 10 to 16 lbs.

Imported from Woburn, Massachusetts.

Ingredients: California sea salt, demerara sugar, spices (black pepper, bay leaf, sage, rosemary, allspice, thyme), citric acid, dried garlic, orange peel, rosemary and allspice oil, garlic oil