Favuzzi  Fettuccine - 500g

Favuzzi Fettuccine - 500g

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Favuzzi's fettuccine are hung by hand on wooden canes, then packaged manually. Their characteristic U shape, which can't be duplicated industrially, is a sign of artisanal production. Made using premium bronze casts creates a lovely porous texture, to which sauces stick more easily.

Imported from Montoggio, Liguria, Italy.

The Minaglia brothers have been making artisanal pasta for over 30 years in their hometown of Montoggio, located in the Apennine mountains near Genoa, Italy, a remarkably beautiful region just a short distance from the Antola nature park. Using only their artisanal expertise and guaranteed 100% Italian ingredients, such as pure spring water and locally grown durum wheat semolina, Paolo and Francesco strive to preserve the centuries-old regional tradition of extruding pasta in bronze casts. They are ranked among the world's top specialty Ligurian pasta makers, earning international accolades with their delicious, unparalleled products.

Ingredients: glyphosate-free Italian durum wheat semolina. May contain: Tree nuts (chestnuts).