Rincón de la Subbética Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - 500mL

Rincón de la Subbética Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - 500mL

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Rincón de la Subbética is obtained in the first days of harvest from Hojiblanca olives. It is an organic extra virgin oil that results from the exquisite care of the fruit by experts who nurture it throughout the year. It is a culinary masterpiece for the discerning palate. Indeed, it is a gastronomic sojourn to the very essence of organic extra virgin olive oil. It is the most awarded oil in the history of Spain… 300 awards since 2003!

It is the best olive oil in the world according to the World's 50 Best Olive Oils 2016/2017 ranking.

The aroma is very intense green fruitiness. Rich nuances reveal its great complexity. There are citrus and fruit notes, enhanced by herbal hints of thyme and mint, as well as vegetal hints such as tomato plant. Fresh entry in the mouth with a green almond taste, some bitterness and medium intensity piquant. The oil is perfectly structured, long and persistent, leaving no taster indifferent. It is considered balanced, complex and harmonious.

This oil is best consumed raw. It is ideal for toast, fried bread and gourmet dishes, mixed and tomato salads, meats, oily fish, special dishes.

Imported from Córdoba, Spain.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil (100% Hojiblanca olives).