Violet Chocolate Valentine Bar 36g

Violet Chocolate Valentine Bar 36g

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Blackberry Fizz - A little pop, a little sweet, a lot of flavour to love! Blackberries infuse creamy white chocolate to create a delicious treat.

Pink Sea Salt - 49% dark chocolate infused with a touch of sea salt for those that don't want to choose between salty and sweet.

From Edmonton, Alberta.

Pink Sea Salt Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cream powder, skimmed milk powder, soya lecithin, vanilla, pink sea salt.

Blackberry Fizz Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, cream powder, soya lecithin, vanilla, blackberries, peta crispy (sugar, glucose syrup, lactose, carbon dioxide, water)